June 26, 2016

Home Inspection- What is NOT!

Home Inspections-  “Are NOT…..”

Home Inspections is what it sounds like.  Many times, a buyer does not understand what is not included in a home inspection.

1.  A Home Inspection is NOT a pass/fail test.

A home inspector does not give the house a “passing” or “failing” grade.  A home inspection documents the condition of the major elements and systems in a house.  It is up to the buyer to determine whether or not the home meets their own criteria.  Buyers looking to totally renovate an older home may feel that the need for significant repairs isn’t a concern for them as long as the structure is in good shape.

Conversely, a buyer looking to purchase a “starter home”, planning on only living in a few years, may find a home with numerous defects is not for them.

2.  A Home Inspection is NOT a to-do list for the home seller.

The role of a home inspector is to document an opinion of the home’s current condition at the time of inspection, not to create a “to-do” list of repairs for the home seller.  Each real estate transaction is different, buyers should consult with their real estate professional and/or lawyer regarding how any repair needs should be addressed.  Both professionals are well qualified to provide guidance because they understand the buyer’s financial position, how long the buyer plans on retaining the home, and local market conditions- all of which factor into real estate decisions.

3.  A Home Inspection is NOT insurance.

It is important to remember that there are many risks associated with buying a home.  Every home buyer must do their homework & learn as much about the property as possible.  A quality home inspection should be just one of the steps taken in this important process.

Click HERE for a sample of a Home Inspection Checklist.  The buyers and sellers can benefit from this checklist to understand the inspector’s review process.

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